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Lemon & Ginger Pancakes
Thick and puffy, just how I love my pancakes but this time studded with poppy seeds and flavoured with lemon and stem ginger. They would make an excellent dessert with a little crème fraîche on the side too mmm!
Servings: 2
: 424 kcal
Author: Just Jo
  • 1 medium egg separated
  • 35 g cream cheese
  • 1 nugget of stem ginger finely chopped
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 120 ml milk
  • 2 tsp poppy seeds
  • 150 g self-raising flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • Oil or butter to cook with
  • Syrup to serve from the stem ginger or use Golden Syrup
  1. Separate the egg and whisk the egg whites with a large whisk until they hold a peak.
  2. Beat the egg yolk, cream cheese, ginger and lemon zest until smooth with the whisk (no need to wash off the egg white).
  3. Beat in the milk and poppy seeds until smooth.
  4. Sift over the flour and whisk into the egg yolk mixture - this will be stiff and very thick.
  5. Fold in the whisked egg white, ensuring there are no streaks of white remaining.
  6. Preheat a heavy based frying pan or griddle on a low to medium heat (pancakes cook much better a little lower and slower to prevent them burning). Brush with a flavourless oil or a little knob of butter and keep a little extra for cooking the rest of the batch.
  7. Spoon in about 2-3 tbsp worth of batter into the preheated pan and cook for a couple of minutes per side - the puffing will be most noticeable when you turn them to cook the second side. Don't overcrowd the pan and remove to a warmed plate until all of them are cooked.
  8. Serve warm with syrup from the stem ginger or Golden Syrup as liked. If you have leftovers, they make an excellent snack cold spread with a little butter.
Recipe Notes

Adapted from Get the stem ginger recipe here: