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The Great British Bake Off is back for it’s fifth season and it starts on UK TV tonight! Set your TV to record 8pm on BBC1 plus don’t forget the Extra Slice show at 9pm hosted by comedian Jo Brand. Excitement has been building in the home baking world and I for one feel I may pop once I hear that cute little theme tune afresh this year. I

can hardly wait to see what challenges the contestants will have to face, what new techniques will be showcased and which new flavour combinations the bakers come up with. I believe they wanted to keep true to the soul of the Bake Off and go back to real home baking classics this year and an interview with the judges Paul and Mary plus the presenters Mel and Sue, they revealed the standard was so high, they really had to think hard as how to push the contestants to showcase their talents!

I am so ready to give myself up to a new season of Bake Off obsession and if you follow me on Facebook, watch out for much chatter as the weeks pass by.  In celebration of the return of my favourite show, I’m running a giveaway jam-packed full of both useful and beautiful baking kit from KitchenCraft.  Oh man, one of you is going to receive one fantastic (and HUGE!) box full of baking goodies to help you bake along with the contestants then decorate and present them in style.

What more could any home baker wish for than a brand new set of flexible and pretty spatulas to mix up their cake batters and frostings? Throw out the wooden spoons with burn marks, your old plastic spatulas with great divots in them from when you forgot how hot the pan was when making a caramel, leaving you with a mangled and partially melted utensil. That has so never happened to me *whistles innocently*.

You could wish for some cute, pastel-shaded cookie cutters to perhaps make some heart shaped scones if not biscuits with. If that isn’t enough for you (and what may I ask, would be enough baking kit?) then perhaps you would like a 26 piece icing nozzle set. Oh my, my pulse is quickening at the thought! And if THAT isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you will be satisfied by this absolutely beautiful, distinctive and unique honey bee hive style cake stand to display your immaculately decorated biscuits, scones, cupcakes, layer cakes – you name it, your imagination is the only limiting factor!

I’m so thrilled to be bringing you all these baking goodies courtesy of the amazing people at KitchenCraft – we want to get you baking up your own icing sugar storm cloud at home. You really must check out their website if you are into cooking or baking – if you can dream of a piece of kitchen kit, the clever people at KitchenCraft have already created it for you.  The product list on their site renders me as giddy as a kid in a candy store and I’m very proud to be associated with them.

Even before I knew what a blog was my kitchen cupboards were full of their gadgets which are usually both beautiful and practical in equal measure. Do dig around in my Recipe File for some recipes to get you baking and see the bottom of this post for those where I’m showcasing some other fantastic KitchenCraft Kit.

So enough of the gas bagging – let’s get on with the giveaway! You need to follow the link below to the Rafflecopter sweepstake to be in with a chance to win ALL of the above goodies (obviously not the cakes – they are just for decoration!). One lucky winner will win the cake stand, the nozzles, all of the spatulas and the heart shaped cutters. The most exciting news is it is open internationally! So all of my lovely readers can partake. The sweepstake closes Wednesday 13th August 2014 and I will announce the winner here so do check back for the update to this post.

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Best of luck baking buddies – and if you can get it wherever you live, enjoy watching the Bake Off! Three, Two, One BAKE! 😀

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Post Update – We Have A Winner!

(7:45pm 13th August 2014)

***Congratulations Maria B!  You are the winner of this wonderful prize bundle!  Don’t forget to share some photos of them when they arrive 😀 xxx***

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