Ah, it’s nearly here – Christmas Day. It’s mine and Hungry Hubby’s most awaited holiday of the year and we totally get swept away by every twinkly light, the pseudo-secretive shopping trips to hide gifts from each other and the ever-present platefuls of festive food to buoy spirits through the dark days of winter.

Daddums has always said the years go faster with every passing year and this year is frightening me just a smidge as I look at my almost full Advent Calendar and the to-do list sat in front of it with an uncomfortable amount of things left to do before the Big Day arrives.

Luckily, my Nutella Christmas Pudding Truffles are no bake and simple to prepare so you can cross off picking up a last minute gift, or buying some petit fours for your festive parties and dinners, from your own list right now. I suspect most of us will have the ingredients in the cupboard anyhoo (well, Nutella somehow doesn’t last in my cupboard all *that* long)…

Truffles are almost universally appealing, no matter how you present them. They’re best kept in the fridge until about 30 minutes before you plan to eat them to take the chill off but you could definitely let them stand on a plate for the evening without them melting (unless you’re in Australia perhaps!).

Like macarons, I think if you’re going to the effort of making these dinky dot little sweet treats, you’d be making the best use of your time to make a big batch and squirrel some away for a later date. If you are reading this post-Christmas, just drizzle the white chocolate haphazardly, Jackson Pollock style and omit the holly sprinkles.

You can freeze them in an airtight container for up to three months so you could be sneaky and tuck them under the frozen broccoli and help yourself one by one as the need for a little summin’ summin’ chocolatey creeps up upon you, the family need never know they are there… 😉

Peanut butter and jelly fans should try these truffles out – they are simply the classiest way to get a PB&J hit in the form of a festive truffle.

Merry Christmas Everyone – don’t forget to check out the rest of my Christmas Recipes and also my Christmas Dinner Making Schedule post to help you plan your special day so it goes off without a hitch xxx

Nutella Christmas Pudding Truffles
Nutella and milk chocolate - what more could you wish for in a festive truffle? The white chocolate and holly give a cute Christmas Pudding look without a hint of dried fruit for those not enamoured with the traditional pud.
Servings: 20 truffles
: 2139 kcal
Author: Just Jo
  • 75 g double cream
  • 200 g milk chocolate chopped small
  • 50 g dark chocolate chopped small
  • 75 g Nutella
To finish
  • 30 g white chocolate melted
  • Holly sprinkles
  1. Put your milk and dark chocolate in a large bowl.
  2. Bring the cream to just under the boil then pour over the chocolate and leave for 5 minutes to melt before beating well with a spatula until smooth and no streaks of cream remain.
  3. Leave for 10-15 minutes MINIMUM to allow the chocolate to cool - you want it to be soft and stirrable but not scalding hot still or the Nutella will split.
  4. When room temp, beat the Nutella in, again leaving no streaks then simply leave to one side to cool and solidify further. You can pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes to hasten this process.
  5. Use a teaspoon or a melon baller to scoop out little balls less than an inch across and roll to make smooth between your hands. This is the messy bit!
  6. Once all balls have been rolled, drizzle a little bit of white chocolate over each to give that Christmas pudding look and top with holly sprinkles. If the truffles are cold to begin with, they should take no more than 30 minutes to set up. Keep in the fridge if storing for more than a few hours.
Recipe Notes

It's crucial to allow the cream and chocolate to cool down for a minimum of 10-15 minutes before beating in the Nutella. If it is too hot, the Nutella will split and you will be sad. As long as the chocolate is still soft enough to blend the Nutella, you can leave it for quite a while.

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