I was going to share my recipe for Creme Egg Cupcakes this Easter but I decided against it (for now). The food scene is saturated with them and to be honest, if you are a fan of Creme Eggs, own an Instant Pot and adore chocolate, then there is something so much better than a cupcake for you to have this Easter! Let me introduce you to my Instant Pot Creme Egg Lava Cakes.

Molten middle Creme Egg lava cakes cooked in the Instant Pot

In days gone by, these would have been referred to as “chocolate fondants”. That being the classic recipe from which the more contemporaneous lava cakes are derived. To be honest, I can see why the new name is used – it’s so much more descriptive and appealing (if you are a chocoholic) as it does what it says on the tin.

When you poke the centre of the cake with your spoon, a gush of molten chocolate rushes forth, just like the advancing front of a recently erupted volcano. Only just with far less of the chaos and natural devastation that an actual volcano brings. We’ll move swiftly over the natural devastation to your waistline that eating too many lava cakes may bring….

Molten middle Creme Egg lava cakes cooked in the Instant Pot

Would you just look at that? Isn’t it a thing of chocolatey beauty? Poking a frozen mini Creme Egg into the middle of your lava cake batter before cooking guarantees you that molten magma centre beneath the perfectly set mantle layer of luscious chocolate cake (the wannabe paleontologist in me is digging the geological references in this post… #cringeworthyhumour).

You do need to freeze it for at least an hour (although I keep a bag in the freezer for the whole peri-Easter period) as the mini ones are quite small and the chocolate melts instantly to unleash it contents and completely disappears into the lava cake (or cupcake) if used at room temperature.

Molten middle Creme Egg lava cakes cooked in the Instant Pot

Cooking these in the Instant Pot could not be easier. I do believe that lava cakes are a bit too easy to make to be truthful! They take hardly more than a couple of minutes to whisk the batter up and even though pushing a lump of frozen chocolate into the middle increases the cooking time a couple of minutes, 11 minutes later you are serving the dessert of your dreams.

Although in years gone by before having an IP, I would cook these in the oven for many a special occasion romantic meals for me and Hungry Hubby, I am thrilled with the results in the pressure cooker. And of course, the more things you can cook in your Instant Pot, the easier it is to justify buying one, right?!

Molten middle Creme Egg lava cakes cooked in the Instant Pot

There you have it – how to make perfect Creme Egg Lava Cakes in your Instant Pot. If you are perhaps thinking they are too full on for you, let me tell you – Hungry Hubby frequently refuses to partake in anything “chocolatey” that I bake. Neither of us would thank you for a Creme Egg on its own.

He turns his nose up at fudge cake, thinks chocolate cheesecake is too much and the chocolate option would be the last thing he orders when we go out to dinner. Yet, he’s completely won over with these lava cakes. I serve them with vanilla ice cream as he loves that combination and he practically licks the plate clean despite his anti-chocolate, anti-Creme Egg stance!

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Instant Pot Creme Egg Lava

Extremely fast to make and utter decadence to eat, these chocolate fondants (or lava cakes) filled with a mini Creme Egg may be a reason to buy an Instant Pot!

Easy recipe to double without effecting the cooking time. 

Servings: 2 people
: 509 kcal
  • 80 g dark chocolate I use 50% cocoa dark chocolate callets by Callebaut
  • 20 g butter
  • 40 g soft brown or light muscovado sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs
  • 25 g plain flour
  • 2 mini Creme Eggs freeze for at least an hour if not overnight
  1. Grease two metallic mini pudding basins/darioles (at least 180ml capacity each) with oil or butter and get the Instant Pot ready by pouring 250ml water into the Inner Pot then pop the trivet in. 

  2. In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate and butter together over a low heat. I stir it pretty much constantly with my magiwhisk (small whisk great for sauce making etc). Take off the heat then whisk in the sugar and vanilla.

  3. Beat the eggs in, one at a time whisking really well then fold in the flour. Divide between your two basins/darioles. Unwrap your frozen mini Creme Egg and push it into the centre of the batter - don't push it all the way and try to do it straight so it stays suspended once cooked. It will sink as the batter cooks. 

  4. Cover each pot with foil loosely and pop on top of the trivet. Put the lid on and close the valve then set on Manual High for 11 minutes. Do a QPR when the alarm sounds. 

  5. Retrieve the cakes with oven gloved hands, remove the foil and loosen the edges with a plastic knife or thin spatula. To serve, place a plate on top of the cake and then invert (still wearing your oven mitts!) - you should feel a flop/plop as the cake releases! Serve with ice cream, chocolate sauce or thick pouring cream ooo!

Recipe Notes

I buy large bags of Callebaut chocolate for *all* of my baking. Callebaut is a really high quality chocolate used by chocolatiers and is tempering suitable (if you fancy tempering some chocolate!). It's delicious and much cheaper bought in bulk compared to say the large bars available in supermarkets by good quality chocolate makers Lindt or Green & Black.Β 

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And I always use metallic pudding basins as they are nice and thin and conduct the heat well - glass or ceramic ramekins are poor conductors of heat and mean the cooking time will need to be extended. These are the ones I use:Β 

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