Dry January is about to get all liquored up 😉

And it will be totally worth it – one forkful of this Ginger Mojito Cake will have you racing out in search of your nearest happy hour, daydreaming of cool cocktails on hot summer days. I think of this cake as a public service – when you’re snowed in (or just too nesh to go out in the white stuff without a duvet duct taped around you), a little warming ginger cake soaked in a rum syrup is exactly what this doctor ordered.

GInger Mojito Cake-4


When Nordic Ware UK asked if I would like another tin to create a recipe in, I knew I would choose this gorgeous honeycomb pull apart tin. I’ve been eyeing it up for years. It would be easy to make a honey cake in it but I wanted to indulge my passion for all things ginger and I made came up with this mojito syrup to soak that gloriously gold coloured ginger cake in.

It would be easy to think of the ingredients as a little bit odd but I urge you to cast your mind back to the last time you had a really good mojito cocktail. Trust me – they read odd but the combination is much greater than the individual components.

Think about how the mint and lime brought the flavour of the rum to life. Whilst the drink is traditionally made with white rum, in this cake, I’ve rounded out the warmth of the ginger with the spicy richness of dark rum.

Feel free to use Bacardi if that’s what you have or prefer. Incidentally, whenever I see a bottle of Barcardi, I am transported back to the student bar I worked in for a year at uni. It was only when the bar had been drunk dry (which happened every end of term) that anyone would go anywhere near the stuff, vodka and Jack Daniels being the big sellers.

If only mojitos had been fashionable then, I’d have enjoyed one or three after my shift as our taxis were called (the bar owner gave everyone a free drink and a taxi home to get us home safely, how kind was that?).

Go on – crack open the liqueur cabinet and get baking!

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