You’ve been blogging for a few years (*cough cough* five).

You have worked your ass off building your readership and by heck, has the photography learning curve been vertical!

There have been days when you feel you are babbling on to yourself, with crickets creaking in the background, tumbleweed blowing across your blog (taps mic, is this thing on?).

And then it happens – you have been commissioned to create a recipe for someone else! Honestly, I don’t think I would have been happier if I’d been offered a book deal (ok, that *may* have topped it a smidge lol). It certainly is a dear diary moment in the life of a food blogger and it signals your work is worthy of notice and it is so very gratifying. Other people like the recipes you share so much, they want you to make something just for them! Is that not the holy grail for food blogging?

When Wayfair contacted me and asked me to come up with a recipe and photo tutorial to go with it, I was utterly thrilled and these Cherry Almond Buns were the result of about a week of all consuming recipe development. My usual test testers absolutely loved them which was good as I made quite a few to ensure the recipe was good enough to give to a client! They are a well fed bunch…


These Cherry Almond Buns are a super soft and sweet yeasted dough filled with a fresh cherry filling and served with a subtly almond flavoured whipped cream cheese frosting. Special and indulgent, the sort of bake you might make when friends come to stay the weekend or there is a special occasion to be celebrated with a lazy, leisurely brunch. Use frozen cherries if fresh are no longer available where you live.

The frosting really is a quite extravagant (calorie wise) but I can’t tell you how delicious a mouthful of warm sweet bun and cool almond cream cheese frosting is. If you love Cinnabons and you love fruit, these are the next buns for you to try.

As this recipe was created for Wayfair, I can’t post the recipe on my blog but you can get it simply by heading over to Wayfair by clicking this link. Once you have gobbled up this fluffy buns of loveliness, stop back here to let me know how you get on – you know how much I love to hear from my readers!

And let me take this chance to thank everybody who takes the time to rummage about Every Nook & Cranny – it’s because of you opportunities like this exist. It’s taken me a teensy bit closer to my dream of making blogging part of my living and I couldn’t be happier! xx

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