Ah, chicken, it’s been a while since I shared a recipe using you but this one is so worth the wait! 

Longterm readers will probably know about my KFC recipe – I share the not-so-secret herbs and spices mix you need to make your own crunchy fried (or baked) chicken and it’s been super popular from the moment I hit publish on that post. 

How to make your own Bargain Bucket, with the secret blend of herbs and spices and far less guilt!

Problem is, now I’m doing Slimming World and have coincidentally discovered that I have a real problem with wheat, if not gluten, I can’t tolerate the flour used for the coating terribly well anymore. Luckily, I can tolerate cornflour and you don’t need much to make my Air Fryer KFC Popcorn Chicken

Plus, I am so thrilled to be able to report having only recently acquired a Tefal Actifry in the Black Friday sales, that they truly do make remarkably crispy wee chicken nuggets. I am so glad I finally caved in and splashed some cash on another kitchen gadget as I was really missing crunchy textures now I can’t deep fat fry things anymore! 


I believe Tefal made the original air fryer and since then, other companies have produced their own versions but I must admit, I refer to them all as Actifryers (much like most folk refer to all vacuum cleaners as Hoovers!). They are quite chunky and noisy but I love that I can disassemble it and put most of it in the dishwasher. It’s super easy to use and like my good friend Mhairi said, if it broke, I would certainly go out and replace it straight away! 

Anyhoo, back to the recipe in question. If you haven’t made yourself a jar of my KFC Seasoning then I suggest you head to the recipe and whisk some up immediately! It’s fabulous to season potato wedges, whole chickens and even roast potatoes as my friend Kath does with hers! 

The not-so-secret blend of KFC herbs and spices!

Tasting really is believing with this one. It’s not often that a fakeaway actually measures up so closely to the original, and especially when you don’t need to add buckets of fat to get that all important crunch. I realise I am probably coming off a bit evangelical but for good reason – wait ’til you try this for yourself! 

Let’s see how this Air Fryer KFC Popcorn Chicken comes together:

Hungry Hubby was absolutely delighted with this recipe and the first time I made it, we both loved it so much it was a unanimous decision to have it again the next night! Using chicken thighs makes these little nuggets super juicy inside and paired with the crispy, tasty coating you have a real winner, winner chicken dinner! 

Air Fryer KFC Popcorn Chicken

The quantities I give are for two greedy people like Hungry Hubby and me but you could stretch this out a little further with more sides. It would also be awesome served over the festive period on a buffet table, as it’s impossible to walk past a bowl of these tasty wee morsels and not pop one (or three) into your mouth! 

If you have the same air fryer as me, the 1 kg capacity version, you won’t be able to cook much more chicken than the recipe states below. If you have a large family-style model then you could probably cook a double batch if you wanted to serve more people.

Air Fryer KFC Popcorn Chicken

The cornflour comes in at 1 Syn per level tablespoon so this meal works out at a measly 1.5 Syns per serving. Show me any item on KFC’s actual menu that satisfies your need for some Southern style chicken for 1.5 Syns! I promise, once you’ve given this a go, you will find very little reason to visit the colonel for a cheeky, sneaky takeaway. Plus, at 1.5 Syns a portion, you have plenty of scope for some coleslaw, BBQ sauce or mayo to give you a more authentic but guilt-free KFC experience at home!.


Yield: 2 generous portions

Air Fryer KFC Popcorn Chicken (Low Syn)

Air Fryer KFC Popcorn Chicken

You won't believe how crisp an air fryer makes these little nuggets of chicken, nor how easy they are to make! Only 1.5 Syns a portion too, you'll not need to visit the Colonel through the drive in of shame again 😉



  1. Cut the chicken thigh fillets into 1 inch sized pieces and drop into a bowl with a small amount of the egg - freeze the rest for another day (see Recipe Notes below).
  2. Sift over the seasoning and cornflour, tossing the chicken with a large spoon or spatula to coat.
  3. Spray the inside of your air fryer with a light coating of one cal oil spray and tip in the chicken. Close the lid and set to 28 minutes. That's it!
  4. Once the timer beeps, serve straight away with plenty of salad, some sweetcorn, coleslaw, potato wedges, BBQ baked beans and dips of your choice (Synning the 'slaw and sauces of course!).


Recipe Notes:

  • *= what I do is beat a large egg and divide it between three small pots or freezer bags, then freeze them for future use. You really don't need much egg for this recipe - too much will make the coating come off in the air fryer.

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