IMG_1130Just Jo. That’s me. A girl with a passion for food.

A doctor by day, on the cusp of becoming a specialist in oral diseases, I’m a food blogger by night.  I develop all my own recipes, shoot them and feed them to Hungry Hubby, our colleagues and family. It’s just the two of us at the Apple Chapel but there is never a shortage of taste testers, especially for the cake portion of my blog! 

As a tot, I was a day dreaming creative sort. From the first time I picked up a crayon (in my left hand – see, natural born creative 😉 ) and doodled my cares away, I knew bringing my daydreams to life was always going to be a part of who I am. I dabbled with writing short stories as a youngster (which I never showed anyone and hope are long since destroyed!), drew cartoons, wrote poems, illustrated my own stories, made magazines and books. From the age of about 5, I started dance classes and that became the biggest obsession of my younger years. I carried on with street jazz and ballet until my mid 20s for fun outside of school and university and now in my mid thirties, I find it hard to think if I had of got my way and went to ballet school aged 12, my career would be over now! Perhaps picking science was a good idea afterall 😉 

It’s not uncommon for medics to have an artistic string to their bow. Lots of us paint, act, sculpt and plenty blog about our passions too. A lot of the time, we say it’s a stress relief – I’ve had lots of colleagues who bake because they enjoy being able to switch their brains off and stir, whisk, beat and not think about the challenges of the day job. For me, it goes much deeper than that. I’ve never thought of my cooking, baking, blogging as a tool to relax me (although they make me extremely happy) – instead, it’s the expression of my own artistic side. Medicine is most definitely as much an art as it is a science and my clumsy feet are planted, precariously perhaps, in both camps! Creating recipes helps me visualise my daydreams, especially when it comes to baking cakes. Food is a readily available medium and the bonus is, everyone has to eat. Yes you can eat to live rather than eat to live but that’s not who I am. 

You’ll find midweek meals, leisurely meals to make of a weekend, homemade takeaways, how to make storecupboard essentials, bread, cake, patisserie, sweet treats and much more on Every Nook & Cranny. I post recipes 2 to 3 times a week and have a monthly newsletter where I share tips and tricks, show sneaky peeks, hunt out foodie bargains and yibber yabber about all things edible!  Reach out to me on social media, drop me an email and of course, leave comments on the blog if you want to ask something or make my recipes. That’s the best bit about having a blog as opposed to writing a book (I can but dream!) or writing for magazines – being able to chat to you guys and update posts and recipes as they evolve. I hope you find something you like to eat here! xxx 

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